What to Bring with to the gym


If you already have gloves that's great! If you need some new gloves here is our recommendation 
Kids Buy 6-8oz 
Youth / Women Buy 12-14oz 
Men Buy 16-18oz

Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps are just as important as your gloves. They help protect your hands and knuckles from injuries. Its smart to have two pairs and they are pretty inexpensive.


Clean Gym use only athletic shoes. If you want to get some shoes made for boxing it will help with your movement and footwork in the ring.

Head Gear

*Required to Spar
An absolute essential if you are planning on sparring. Here is our pick.

Groin Protector

*Youth Required to Spar
Safety first, and low blows can happen by accident. Protect yourself!

Mouth Piece

*Required to spar
A good mouth guard will help protect those pearly whites, Check this one out.

Gym Bag

You're going to be so excited to get to the gym you don't want to forget anything. It's just easier if it's all in one place and ready to go! 

Water Bottle

This one is kinda obvious but you need to replace all that fluid you lose...


I promise you are going to sweat! So bring a towel, trust us you will need one!